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Start a New Student Organization

When and how can I start a new student organization?

Students may start a new organization at any point during the academic year as long as there are a minimum of three (3) currently enrolled Boise State students committed to the organization. To become officially recognized by the university, complete the steps below.

How to Start an Organization

  • Fill out the New Student Organization Intake form.

  • At least three (3) founding members of the new organization must meet with the student
    organizations coordinator. This meeting is scheduled after the New Student Organization Intake form
    is submitted.
  • Find a university faculty or staff member to serve as your organization’s advisor. All advisors must confirm their role by completing the Advisor Confirmation Form.

  • Complete a constitution for your organization. Student Involvement has developed a template you can follow.

  • Your organization’s founding members must complete officer training in OrgSync to learn about university policies and procedures, and how to operate the new student organization.
    Required for presidents

    Required for financial officers, recommended for all founding members
  • Create an OrgSync portal for your new organization. You will be given access to your portal when you complete the registration process.

Once all forms are submitted

  • You will be contacted after the Student Involvement and Leadership Center has reviewed your
    materials. You’ll receive notification of your status within one to two weeks following your submission.
  • Upon official recognition, your organization will receive Active Status.
  • Refer to the Student Organizations Handbook to learn your organization’s responsibilities, detailed information on your benefits, and Student Involvement and Leadership Center processes and procedures. We look forward to working with you!

Questions? Contact the Student Organizations coordinator at or (208) 426-1223.