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Spending Money

Spending Money

Ready to spend money out of your student organization account and/or access your ASBSU grant funds? Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your OrgSync account by visiting and find the “Log Into OrgSync” button on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the button.
  2. Go to your student organization’s portal. Click on “Forms.”
  3. Complete a Purchase Request Form at least seven (7) business days BEFORE your purchase is needed. Click “Submit.” Be detailed in the purpose and description of the purchase request.
  4. Include two officer email addresses as approvers of your request. The officers will receive an OrgSync notification for purchase approval via email. The Student Involvement and Leadership Center cannot review your request until after your officers have done so.
  5. When approved by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, you can proceed with the purchasing process. You will receive an email or phone notification with instructions.


  1. Learn more about how to spend money by reviewing Section II.A. of the Student Organization Handbook: Accessing Funds in a Student Organization Account.
  2. The amount requested must be 100% available in your student organization account at the time you submit the purchase request. Credit is not available.
  3. If the amount requested is over $1500, advisor approval will be needed.
  4. Do your research. We encourage you to get quotes/estimates before submitting the purchase request.
  5. Some purchases will require more time to process and need more than one week for review and approval. It’s strongly advised that the following purchases be submitted more than ONE (1) week in advance: travel, gifts, awards, prizes, promotional items, clothing, and payments that involve contracts.
  6. For approval of travel related expenses, please complete a Travel Request Form, also on OrgSync.