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Re-Register your Organization

Each year, all campus student organizations register with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to maintain active status. Below are the three steps for registering your organization each academic year. The registration period will run from August 1 – September 17, 2017.

Missed the deadline? Not a problem! Student Involvement resumes processing of re-registrations during the first business week of each month.

Required Steps for Annual Registration

  • Complete Officer Training (formerly known as Get Organized Workshop)
    • Presidents and Financial Officers must complete a position-specific online training available on OrgSync.
      Required for presidents, recommended for other officers.

      Required for presidents and financial officers, recommended for other officers.
    • Officers who have completed the online training and still have questions about their role can attend an in-person Q&A session in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Available Q&A session dates and times will be posted in the OrgSync events calendar.
  • Advisor Confirmation
    • All advisors must confirm their role with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. An organization portal administrator must appoint the advisor(s) to the advisor position in OrgSync. The advisor will receive an OrgSync email notification with instructions to “complete new forms”.

  • Update Your OrgSync Portal
    • Your portal administrator will need to update your organization’s profile information, officer positions, members, and other pertinent content.

When all steps are complete, you will receive an email notification of your Active status from the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.


Not sure who your portal administrator is? Has your OrgSync portal administrator graduated? Other questions? No problem! Contact us at or call (208) 426-1223.

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