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Travel Forms

Travel Forms

If you give enough notice, your organization can really go somewhere:
Four weeks before domestic travel | Eight weeks before international

Follow these steps:

  • Login to OrgSync.
  • Go to your organization’s portal.
  • Click on the “Events” tab.
  • Click on the green “Create an event” button to the right.
  • Fill out as much information as you can about your travel.
  • For the type of event select either “domestic travel” or “international travel.”
  • Finish and submit.
  • You’ll hear back from us within two (2) business days of your request to help you with next steps.

Field Trip Consent and Travel Expectations Agreement – This form can be found by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Forms”.


Private Vehicle Information Form – This form can be found by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Forms”.

Travel Roster Form – This form can be downloaded by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Files” on your tool bar (left-hand side of the screen). The form is located in the folder labeled “Student Organization Resources.”

Motorpool Forms – These forms can be found on the Transportation and Parking website.


Expense Requests

Expense Requests

If your group wants to make a purchase or payment out of its on-campus account, you must submit the Expense Request Form. This form is due at least one week prior to when the purchase or payment will be made. For more involved, complicated purchases, requests must be submitted more than one week in advance (for details on these kinds of purchases, please review the policy manual for student organizations).

Expense Request Form – This form can be found by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Forms”.

Spending Money

Did you know you can purchase supplies, clothing, food, and just about anything else related to the function of your organization?
Follow these steps:

  1. Visit OrgSync.
  2. Find your organization’s portal.
  3. Click on “Forms.”
  4. Select “Expense Request.”
  5. Complete the form. Be detailed in the purpose description and include two officer email addresses.
  6. Officers receive email notification for expense approval.
  7. When approved, proceed with purchase.

If the amount is over $1500, advisor approval is required. Some items may need more than one week for approval (gifts, awards, prizes, promo items, clothing, contracts). Food, conference services, parking reservations, and smaller purchases can be approved in one week. For approval of travel related expenses, complete the Travel Request Form, also on OrgSync.

Fundraising Forms

Fundraising Forms

Ready to hold a fundraiser? Want to solicit donations for your club? Anytime your group wants to sell items, ask for donations, or be paid for a service, you must first complete a Fundraising/Cash Box Request Form. This form is due at least one week prior to when your group wants to hold the fundraiser.

Fundraiser Request Form – This form can be found by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Forms”.


Ready to hold a fundraiser? Want to solicit donations? Anytime your organization wants to sell items, ask for donations, or be paid for a service, you should follow these steps:

  • Complete an event request on OrgSync and select “Fundraiser” as the type of event you’re planning.
    • Plan ahead. Most fundraiser event requests need to be submitted at least sixty (60) business days prior to your proposed event. You may not have all the details lined up but it’s beneficial to get the ball rolling at least two months in advance. Some circumstances may extend this timeframe (i.e. selling merchandise, requesting donations from individuals/companies, etc.). If you’re unsure when to submit your request, please contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center at
  • Schedule time with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to discuss your fundraiser idea before making final decisions, agreements, spending funds, etc. You can also go to the Student Organizations Handbook and read the information under Section III for more information on this topic.
  • Once your fundraiser request is approved by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center you can proceed with your planning and/or purchasing of items to sell.
  • Is the fundraiser’s intent to benefit your student organization? After your event, you will deposit the money(cash or check) into your organization’s account.
    • The deposit box and how-to directions are located to the right of the Information Desk in the Student Union. Envelopes/deposit slips provided.
  • Is the fundraiser’s intent to benefit another organization like a charity?
    • Money must go directly to the charity. Please do not deposit those funds into your student organization account. Contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center for instructions on handling these funds PRIOR to hosting your fundraiser.
  • Ready to access and spend money from your student organization account? Read Section II.A of the Student Organizations Handbook.

Cosponsorship Agreement Form

Cosponsorship Agreement Form

Holding an event with another student organization, academic department or off-campus group? Don’t forget to fill out the Cosponsorship Agreement Form. This formal agreement will help you develop an effective relationship with everyone involved and outline important details about responsibilities and expectations. It is due at least two weeks prior to your event.

Cosponsorship Agreement Form – This form can be found by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Forms”.

Cosponsoring an Event

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit OrgSync
  2. Go to your student organization’s portal. Click on “Forms.”
  3. Complete a Cosponsorship Agreement Form (not contractual, serves to clarify all responsibilities/expectations of all parties involved).
  4. You might need to submit additional forms (Expense Request, Fundraiser Request, or Travel Request) along with your Cosponsorship Agreement it depends on which kind of event you’re planning.
  5. Because you’re working with different parties, including the Student involvement and Leadership Center, it’s important to maintain frequent and open communication so everyone is clear on goals and can stay up-to-date on what’s happening.

Locker Space Request Form

Locker Space Request Form

Need some extra space for your group? The Student Involvement & Leadership Center has lockers available for clubs to store smaller items and inventory.

Locker Space Request Form – This form can be found by logging into OrgSync, going to your organization’s portal, and clicking on “Forms”.

Sorority/Fraternity Life Interest Form

Sorority/Fraternity Life Interest Form

Want to join a sorority or a fraternity? Fill out the Sorority/Fraternity Life Interest Form. After you have completed and submitted the form, a staff member from the Student Involvement & Leadership Center will contact you.

Sorority Interest Form

Fraternity Interest Form

Catering Exemption Form

Catering Exemption Form

Boise State University meets its campus food service needs with an outside contractor, ARAMARK Corporation. The contract guarantees ARAMARK the exclusive right to provide all food services, concessions, vending and catering on the entire Boise State campus. As such, the University is indemnified from liability. However, student organizations may be granted the right to bring some kinds of food or beverages on campus that are not provided by ARAMARK.

The Catering Exemption Form, below, accommodates recognized student groups who want to provide food or beverages not from campus food service for their regularly scheduled business meetings, where only members of the group are invited and where the public is not expected. This exception is available only to recognized student groups. For more information, contact the Manager of Conference Services at (208) 426-4052.

Get the Catering Exemption Form

Query Request Form

Query Request Form

If you need to request student information from the Office of the Registrar for use on campus or on behalf of your affiliated national organization you can place your request by filling out the Query Request Form. After your request is received and approved, the Student Involvement & Leadership Center will place the request with the Registrar and will contact you when it is prepared. The query data will be provided to your organization’s faculty or staff advisor. Please be aware that the information contained within the report will be confidential and can only be used for the approved purpose of the query request itself.

Get the Query Request Form

ASBSU Grant Forms

Funding Applications

In order to complete the ASBSU Funding Application all you need is your name, your club’s name, a description of your event, location of the event and a simple budget. It is very similar to an expense report that you fill out for Student Involvement & Leadership. The next time you have an event, submit a Funding Request to ASBSU. It is just that simple! Please try to submit all requests at least two (2) weeks in advance.

ASBSU Grant Request Process

ASBSU Funding: What’s your next big idea?

ASBSU supports unique signature events that bring students together. We offer more than one kind of sponsorship during the academic year.

  • Direct: groups are eligible (but not entitled) to get $4000.
  • Joint (at least two organizations): each event eligible (but not entitled) for up to $8000.
  • Individual student trips/projects: eligible (but not entitled) to get $400.

Timeline for Applying

  • 5 weeks ahead for usual events
  • 7 weeks ahead for domestic travel
  • 9 weeks ahead for international travel

Give Details

  • Event title, date, time, location, goal, number of people, etc.


  • Know what can/can not be funded. Contact the secretary of Student Organization Affairs at (208) 426-4240.
  • Fill out/submit “Funding Request Budget Template” on OrgSync.

The Process

  • Applications due on Tuesday by 5:00pm so a hearing can be scheduled for one week from the next Friday.
  • Attend 12-minute hearing with Student Funding Board to describe the event. Dress casual. Be prompt.

Spending Money

  • To make a purchase/pay a bill out of your account, submit an Expense Request one week before spending any money to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Go to “Forms” on your OrgSync portal.
  • For more complicated purchases, submit an Expense Request at least four weeks to make sure you have enough money to cover costs.
  • If your request includes traveling (plane tickets, hotel, gas, etc.), submit a Travel Request, not an Expense Request.