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Advising a Student Organization

Congratulations! If you’ve landed on this page for the first time then you may have recently been approached by students to advise their student organization. This is a great honor and an experience we hope you’ll enjoy. Before a student organization can register and be recognized by Boise State University, students must secure an advisor.

Advisors can play an important role in the success of the student organization by serving as mentors and advocates who offer guidance and support, acting in the best interest of the students, and offering continuity from one year to the next. Additionally, advisors are crucial in supporting the activities of student organizations and in encouraging and facilitating the holistic development of students. Because they often work on the “front lines” with students, advisors serve as conduits to the university, connecting students more closely with education and campus life. Thank you for considering this exciting role, we look forward to working with you!


Accepting a student’s invitation to advise a student organization is a simple, but important step in formalizing the advisor-student organization relationship.

  1. Read the Advisor Guidelines and Agreements Document.
  2. Create an account on OrgSync
  3. Confirm your advisor role by completing the Advisor Confirmation Form. This step is completed after you have created an account on OrgSync and the student organization appoints you as an advisor in the student organization’s portal. A notification will be emailed to you when you reach this step.
  4. Join the Advisor Resource Portal. Please take this step after you have completed the Advisor Confirmation Form.
  5. Have fun!

Interested in advising in the future? Complete this short Advisor Interest Form or email for more information.


  • Before making the decision to advise a student organization, use the Advisor Guidelines and Agreements as a resource to determine if the commitment is right for you. These guidelines and agreements are not exhaustive; advising is a learning process and we invite advisors to maintain steady communication with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center for ongoing support and guidance. 




  • The Advising a Student Organization document is a resource to help advisors develop a philosophy of advising and an understanding of the various roles and functions they will take on. 



  • The Advisor e-Orientation offers an introduction to your role and responsibilities as an advisor at Boise State.


  • An in-person orientation will be offered for new advisors interested in learning more about their role and meeting the Student Organizations Coordinator. We look forward to seeing you there! 



We invite you to review and visit this this page periodically to familiarize yourself with your role and responsibilities as well as the resources available to you and the student organization you will advise.


Advising a student organization can be a fulfilling experience, and we recognize that it can also be challenging and takes work. The Campus Awards Ceremony recognizes an outstanding advisor each year for their dedication to changing the lives of students involved in student organizations. To view a list of current and past Advisors of the Year please visit our Campus Awards Ceremony page.

Questions? Please feel free to contact the student organizations coordinator at (208) 426-1223 or email at