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Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

Welcome to Sorority Life at Boise State University! There are seven different Panhellenic Council (PHC) and three Multicultural Greek (MGC) sorority chapters currently represented at Boise State. Joining a sorority will change your life, because being the member of a chapter is filled with opportunities to develop leadership skills, including a lifelong support system of friendship and professional networking. Associating with people who share your values and interests and getting involved on campus makes your college experience more rewarding. Join the sisterhood. Focus on what matters most to you.

This year, Panhellenic Recruitment will be held Thursday, August 31 – Sunday, September 3. Registration for fall recruitment is now closed. If you are interested in participating in recruitment in the future please check back for more information.


Come to an information night to get details about the Panhellenic Recruitment process, get your questions answered and meet members of the community.

Two polaroid photos, one in front with a group of sorority members, the one behind with a single smiling sorority woman

  • Tuesday, August 22, 7-8 p.m. in the Bishop Barnwell Room, Student Union Building
  • Wednesday, August 23, 7-8 p.m. in the Simplot Ballroom A, Student Union Building
  • Thursday, August 24, 7-8 p.m. in the Simplot Ballroom C, Student Union Building
  • Monday, August 28, 7-8 p.m. in the Hatch Ballroom AB, Student Union Building


In order to be eligible for sorority recruitment, you will need to
pay a $12 nonrefundable fee and have a 3.0 HS GPA or 2.5 college GPA.  Registration for fall 2017 Panhellenic Recruitment is now closed. If you missed the registration deadline you can fill out the Panhellenic Sorority Chapter Interest Form to be informed about future opportunities to join.


Recruitment at Boise State is a four-day mutual selection process. You are able to select the chapters you would like to visit each day, and the chapters do the same. Each time you talk to an affiliated woman, she is looking for qualities in you that could align with their sisterhood and values. It is important to find a sorority that best suits you.Two polaroid photos, one in front with two female students standing outside, the one in behind with a smiling female student

When selecting the chapters you want to visit again keep an open mind and think for yourself. Each woman will have different reasons for joining a chapter. And as always if you have any questions about the recruitment process along the way you will have a Recruitment Counselor guiding you through the weekend.


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Day One

  • This night is an introduction to recruitment; you will not be meeting the chapters. You will meet your Recruitment Counselor for the weekend and have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

 Day Two

  • Visit all six chapters
  • This night is to introduce you to each chapter. While in the chapter rooms it is their goal to have you meet as many women as possible so they can get to know you.

Day Three

  • Visit at most three chapters
  • You will learn about the chapter’s philanthropy and continue to get to know the women of each chapter.

 Day Four

  • Visit at most two chapters
  • In the morning you will be invited to at most two chapters for their final recruitment event to see a deeper side of their sisterhood.



It’s simple! Your chances of succeeding in college increase significantly when you get involved on campus. Getting involved can give you a well-rounded education, both inside and outside the classroom. Strengthen your academic career. Develop leadership skills. Serve others. Build positiveTwo polaroid photos, one with a smiling sorority member, one with a group of sorority members laying in a circle on the grass with their heads making a circle in the center relationships that will last a lifetime.

Academic Achievement

Your priority will always be the hours you spend inside the classroom and doing homework. However, it’s also important to make the most of the time you spend outside the classroom. Make it count through campus and community involvement. Fraternities and sororities work to promote academic excellence and provide you a supportive community of peers.

Leadership Development

Fraternities and sororities are built on a foundation of timeless values. Translating these values into action on campus and in the community is the essence of leadership. Being a member of a sorority chapter can provide you with additional opportunities for thinking critically, practicing teamwork and improving your sense of self-awareness. This is leadership development in its truest form.

Civic Engagement

We believe in you. You have the ability to positively change our world. Whether serving with an agency in Boise or building a school in Jamaica, members of fraternities and sororities realize that much is expected of those to whom much is given. Improving the lives of others is why we’re here.

Positive Relationships

Boise State students have a keen sense of purpose, are hardworking, creative, and they enjoy a challenge and respect and care for each other. We seek to build an inclusive community based on shared values that serve as your family away from home; now and throughout many years to come.


Joining a sorority can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have at Boise State, so it’s Two polaroid photos, one with three sorority members hugging and smiling, one with a sorority member smiling and looking off into the distanceimportant to ask the right questions. Which chapter is the best fit for your personality, values, interests, and goals? To help you make the most informed decision, consider the following:

What makes this chapter unique?

Each chapter is based on its history and the unique personalities that have helped shape it. Members should be able to articulate their own experiences, providing you with valuable information to help you make the right decision.

To what extent does the chapter promote academic development?

One of the primary reasons for joining a sorority is to support your academic development at Boise State. It’s important for you to know how the chapter’s GPA and academic emphasis stacks up. The chapter should be able to provide you with up-to-date GPA information and its academic development plan.

What is the chapter’s focus on new member education?

A strong chapter is very intentional in its education, and in its continuing education, of new members. The program should be in alignment with the purpose and values of the chapter and the university; provide you with intended outcomes, expectations, and activities; and not contain anything that cannot be discussed in a transparent manner.

What money is involved? How will my dues be spent?

As is the case with membership in most organizations, there are costs associated with fraternities and sororities. As someone who is considering joining a chapter, it’s fair to ask for a written breakdown of membership costs and of the chapter’s budget prior to joining. It’s also important to ask about any added costs.

What is the chapter’s relationship with other chapters?Two polaroid photos, one with two sorority girls blowing bubbles, one with two sorority members sitting on a couch, looking off to the side.

Fraternities and sororities form a community. Whatever decision you make, your experience will be enhanced because each chapter views itself as part of a larger community, working toward shared goals.

What is the chapter’s commitment to the local community?

Fraternities and sororities exist to help you develop personally and professionally, but they also exist in partnership with the local community. The opportunity to make the world a better place is a great reason to join a chapter.

Are chapter members involved on campus?

Members of fraternities and sororities are involved across campus in activities such as ASBSU, student organizations, and working on campus. They attend LeaderShape, work on campus and volunteer.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Email Karyn Levin, Vice President of External Recruitment at